The Features and Benefits of Smoker Grills

Published: 06th October 2011
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Smoke is one of the oldest ways to add flavor to just about any cooked food, and smoking has long been a family tradition for people in many countries. A vast number of families still take advantage of smoke grilling each year as a way of adding fun and enjoyment to their outdoor meals.

Health Advantages and Other Benefits of Smoker Grills

Smoker grills offer a different approach to cooking food, as such grills use smoke rather than a heater plate or flames to cook food. One of the primary advantages of food cooked in this manner is the wonderful taste the smoking produces. There are several reasons that a higher quality taste results from food cooked on a smoker grill as opposed to meals prepared on a traditional model.

When the smoker grill is in operation, the flame itself never comes in contact with the food, which means the meal is cooked at a slower pace. This allows the BBQ or other flavoring one has added to the food to be absorbed into the meat more fully. Coking food this way is a slightly longer process than the cooking of food on a conventional grill, but when a person tastes the results, he or she will realize it was well worth the wait.

Another benefit of smoker grills is the fact that they can be used to create healthier outdoor meals. Most nutritionists agree that smoke grilling prevents nutrients from escaping the food during cooking, making healthy outdoor dining a possibility.

Great Tasting Food

Adding smoked flavor when grilling food transforms meals from ordinary and bland to savory and exciting. There are various woods from which one can choose when smoke grilling, and each one will add a distinctly different taste sensation to the grilled food.

Two popular grilling flavors are hickory and oak, which can be added to the food through the use of wood chips. Both will add a fantastic flavor to chicken, beef, and potatoes, or any other type of food one may wish to grill. Cooking with mesquite wood is also a good choice when one is planning a meal on his or her smoker grill. However, mesquite burns faster and hotter than other woods and for this reason it is not recommended for lengthy barbecues. Cherry is probably one of the most popular woods for smoking as it features a mild, sweet flavor that blends well with almost any type of food.

Regardless of one's personal preference with regard to flavor, almost everyone would agree that they enjoy offering something different to their friends and relatives during a fun evening BBQ. The cost of a smoker grill will vary according to the size and model selected. However, a family size grill can typically be found at a reasonable price if one shops wisely. Anyone interested in great tasting smoked food and outdoor fun should consider investing in a smoker grill.

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